19 lipca 2017

About Faculty

The Faculty is one of the oldest in the scientific environment of Zielona Góra. Its origins date back to 1971 when Teachers Training College, transformed in 1973 into Pedagogical University, was founded.

Currently, the Faculty of Social Science incorporates four units: Institute of Pedagogy, Institute of Psychology, Institute of Sociology, Institute of Political Science adn Administration. The Faculty employs 120 academic teachers and 15  administrative workers.

With its 1600 students, 1200 of whom study full-time, it is one of the largest  faculty at the University of Zielona Góra. It awarded over 36 000 higher education diplomas till September 2017. The Faculty of Social Science offers eight courses: Arttherapy, Pedagogy with 10 specialisations, Special needs education, Pre-school and early school education, Social work, Political science, Psychology, Sociology. The Faculty’s educational offer also includes post-graduate studies.


field of study Full-time studies Part-time studies
Bachelor`s  degree Master`s degree Doctoral degree uniform MA studies Bachelor`s  degree Master`s degree uniform MA studies
Arttheraphy +            
Pedagogy + +     + +  
Special needs education       +     +
Pre-school and early school education       +     +
Political science + +     + +  
Social work +  +     +  +  
Psychology       +     +
Sociology + +          


The Faculty also offers a wide range of postgraduate studies. In the academic year 2017/2018 the Faculty is offering 20 different postgraduate studies (http://studiapodyplomowe.wns.uz.zgora.pl).



The Faculty Social Science has been authorized to confer PhD degrees in pedagogy since 1994, and sociology since 2016. It holds the second category of KBN (The State Committee for Scientific Research).