19 lipca 2017

Information for incomming


Welcome to

the Faculty of Social Science



Application procedure

Incoming students shall be nominated by their home university. They are obliged to send to the Department of International Cooperation the following documents:

  • On-line Application Form
  • Learning Agreement

All the information and necessary documents you will find at the website of Department of International Cooperation: http://www.erasmus.uz.zgora.pl/incoming-students/



The University provides foreign students with accommodation in student halls of residence. For students of our Faculty we offer places in “Wcześniak”.

More information and pictures: http://www.erasmus.uz.zgora.pl/accommodation/



The Faculty of Social Sciences offers five major fields of study: Pedagogy (with six specialisations: Cultural Animation, Media and IT Education,  Early School and Pre-School Education, Care and Educational Pedagogy and Prevention, Social Care and Sociotherapy, Resocialisation and Specialist Counseling), Special needs education, Social Work, Sociology, Psychology.

Currently offered courses for Incoming Exchange Students: ECTS catalogue


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact

Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator: 

dr Magdalena Pokrzyńska


Presentation concerning Poland, Zielona Góra and the University itself

More info about University of Zielona góra and Faculty